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Corporate Installations

Creating art installations for corporations is a unique and challenging task that I am passionate about. It allows me to combine my artistic talent with my knowledge of the corporate world. My ultimate goal is to create a space that inspires and motivates employees to be productive and engaged. Every installation is carefully crafted, reflecting the company's values and work culture. With my attention to detail and focus on creating a positive work environment, you can trust that your installation will be a valuable addition to your workspace.


Public Installations

My installations are designed to create a sense of place and context that transforms the environment around them. By incorporating traditional and non-traditional media such as painting, sculpture, readymades, found objects, drawing, and text, I create experiences that engage and challenge viewers in unexpected ways. My work is playful, provocative, and always thought-provoking, inviting people to explore ideas and concepts in a way that is both immersive and dynamic.

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