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Corporate Installations

As a professional in the corporate installations field, my main objective is to create comfortable and inviting workspaces that inspire creativity and productivity. I believe that the physical space in which work is done has a direct impact on the quality of work produced by employees. For this reason, I always prioritize employee satisfaction and make sure that the space is designed to be valuable for them. If you’re looking to improve your workspace, I can help you create a beautiful and functional environment that your employees will love.

For corporate inquiries please contact: 

Slate Art Consulting.


The Future is Bright

A clear and energy efficient future is in our grasp if we have the vision and will to reach for it.

Created for a corporate computer center, this installation envisions a future where all of the promises of my childhood come true. There are flying cars and houses on poles. Anti gravity buildings glide over the desert landscape and the rivers run wild. We have protected our environment and wildlife and everyone exists in peace.

Roswell Rush Hour

The UFO crash at Roswell is the quintessential New Mexican story.

Created for a corporate computer center, this installation portrays unique and eccentric alien characters get jammed up in a Möbius Time Loop, begging the question: “Does time move in an orderly progression forward, known as timeʼs arrow, or can it loop back upon itself?

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