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Most of my experience as a ceramist has been a reaction to the utilitarian nature of ceramics. I rarely create functional ware.  When I do make an object that could be defined as functional it will be impractical if not impossible to use for its intended function.


However having said this most of my technical ceramic experience comes from working in production studio potteries when I was young and later in school. I try to defy the idea of what is possible to create in ceramics and use clay and “traditional techniques” in unconventional ways.


I do love working in clay. The tactile sensation and the ability to manipulate form make clay a perfect medium for expression. For me every new piece contains some form of technical innovation that will be unique to that particular piece.


View Recent Works (2020)


During my time at Arizona State University I studied video production and installation. I like creating scenes of fantasy. My characters are most at home here and seem happy to have found a place to call their own. I pull from a variety of sources when I approach an installation project. Pre-Columbian murals, 50's advertisement, and vintage Sci Fi movies all have an influence upon my work.


My intention is to present the viewer with a window into an alternate universe. A place where our rules don't necessarily apply but we can meet occupants of another dimension or parallel universe.


View Installations Here

Graphics & Animation

Right about the mid 1990s I saw a revolution beginning in digital media. Not being one to sit on my laurels I decided to return to higher education to be part of the new media trend.  


In a very short amount of time I went from learning all I could about digital media production to teaching full semester courses at SFCC.


Graphics have always informed my work so it was a natural path to pursue digital graphics and incorporate them into my artistic visual language.


Here are examples of my graphics and illustrations.

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