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Half in the Other World:

Artist’s Statement


Somewhere in between the light and the dark is another place maybe a dimension or an alternate universe where the impossible becomes possible, magic is real and dichotomy is resolved.


This place lies on the border between what is real and unreal, between life and death, the physical and the intangible.


The works in this exhibit are intended to invoke the images of another place beyond our daily experience. This is the kind of place like Wonderland or Heaven and Hell where our human experience tries hard to grasp what is beyond life and perhaps only glimpses it in our dreams. This is where the gods live in their own true form and humans are only allowed in because we are invited or kidnapped.


The Other World refers to where our souls travel upon leaving the earthly realm this is an ethereal somewhat unformed place that cannot be reached by traveling down a highway, ships do not go there nor do airplanes.


We could call it the Twilight Zone or the Bermuda Triangle. It is a place where everything that is lost ends up including persons that surreptitiously disappear leaving no trace.


We try to pull back the veil between the worlds. Soothsayers read cards and crystals; spiritualists hear disembodied voices or quiet rappings indicating messages from the Other World but who can say what is the meaning? The communications from the Other World can be read but one must be extremely quiet to here them. They are the sounds of drops at the bottom of a well; the quiet murmur of the wind outside your window at night or a shadowy figure barely perceived in a darkened room. Sometimes to interpret the exchange gives us answers that we do not want to hear.


It is the realm of the Faeries, Demons and Angels, perhaps even lost souls, forever wandering and searching for a way in or out.


We all face the same inevitable horizon and we will all cross to the Other World. Until then we continue searching for something just outside of our view or beyond our hearing. We try to fill the empty spaces between with faith or belief in something beyond. But none of us actually know what faces us in The Other World.


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