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In the mid 90's I decided to take a break from my sculpture studio and began to focus on technology. Specifically internet technology. Having a background in video art I decided to take up animation. One thing lead to another and I ended up becoming a web developer. But I did teach animation at the Santa fe Community College, I was also the Help desk coordinator during that time. As technology has improved and changed I have lost most of my original animations. The two "cartoons" on this page are the only surviving copies of the work I was creating at the time.

Bienvenidos a Mictlan

 A kooky little cartoon about tequila and death.

This cartoon was created in 2006 and although I had no idea it sorta forshadows the Herradura Tequila Art Barrel project by several years. There was a soundtrack but fear of copyright enfringement caused me to remove it. I still love the Sonic Youth no matter!

A Christmas Card

Here is a poor frozen snowman on a cold winter morning.

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